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Program Maps

Educational Studies - Program Maps

Please select the program map below that corresponds with your Cohort (year of entry to the program) for accurate course information.

These program maps serve as a tool and guide to assist students navigating their requirements, planning and selecting courses.  A student’s understanding and active participation is necessary.  Please ensure your familiarity with the requirements and utilize your MyOntarioTech transcript to verify accuracy. Your Academic Advisor can assist you with reviewing and interpreting your degree requirements.

To be eligible for graduation at the end of your degree, you must have: 

  1. 120 credit hours, including all courses listed in your program map
  2. A minimum 2.0 CGPA

All official degree requirements are listed in the Academic Calendar

Educational Studies Program

Four Year Program
Advanced Entry Program

2023-2024 Cohort

2024-2025 Cohort

2023-2024 Cohort

2024-2025 Cohort