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Choosing an elective can be tricky! The good news is there is generally no wrong answer. Our recommendation is to consider the following:

  1. Your interests. Choose a subject area you enjoy or are interested in learning more about. 
  2. Your strengths. Choose an elective that will build on your strengths or increase a skill set.
  3. Your goals. Choose an elective that will compliment your major or goals.

There are different types of electives so make sure you understand what type of elective you need and consult with your academic advisor for help. 

A general elective is any course that is not mandatory for your program to which you have the prerequisites and meet any restrictions on that course –courses from inside or outside our Faculty can satisfy this requirement.

An EDST Elective is a course offered by the Faculty of Education, that is not mandatory for your program, and includes the EDST subject code.

Repeat course policy. All instances of a Course will appear on the Academic Transcript. Only the grade achieved on the most recent attempt will be included in the calculation of the student's Grade Point Average. Please review your transcript through your MyOntarioTech account to verify if you have already completed a course, or received a transfer credit for it.

Prerequisite and year level restrictions may apply. Please view the course descriptions in the Academic Calendar to help you select your courses and to view prerequisites.

Current Electives List